Can online classes replace offline classes forever?

Can online classes replace offline classes forever?

Online classes in lockdown have become the biggest step of all educational institutions to cope up with the Covid-19 effects on the educational industry. When everyone was forced to sit inside their houses, teachers and students were also among them. The schools and colleges were shut down to save millions of lives from covid-19. But the education of students also can’t be neglected for too long so, all the related government and education departments decided to take online classes in lockdown. Now, it’s past one year that students are studying through online classes from their own spaces.

But not everything is that simple and great in online classes in lockdown. The continuation of online classes in lockdown has also given rise to a few concerns and problems. Online classes have provided a means to cope up with covid-19 but they have also given rise to few issues regarding the concentration and learning capacity of students. Online classes in lockdown are being seen as the new future of education. Today in this article, we will discuss all advantages and disadvantages of online classes and offline classes. Then, you can decide on your own whether online classes are a replacement for offline classes.

Pros of online classes

Let’s start with all the positive aspects. As online classes in lockdown are the only option we have, let’s discuss all its beneficial points and advantages over offline classes.

Online classes can be better than offline classes in many ways like;

  • No wastage of time

Online classes in lockdown have shown that how much time we spend on transportation on average. Students who live far from their schools and colleges have to travel long distances to reach them. Online classes are just one click away which saves plenty of time that can be utilized in other places.

  • Be in your comfort zone

Students especially introverts feel comfortable attending their online classes from the comfort of their home. Students are no longer need to go out, they can just sit take their classes from one corner of their room.

  • Making world small

Indeed online classes in lockdown have proved that the world is a small place and technology has made it even smaller. Now, a student can choose various courses from international and global educational institutions and can study in any corner of the world just sitting in their rooms.

Pros of offline classes

Offline classes are still the main method of tutelage, everyone is waiting for classes to get offline again. Now, let’s discuss all the pros of offline classes, this will help us to determine the actual benefits of offline classes over online classes or vice-versa.

  • Social interaction

Since our childhood, we have learned that human is a social animal. It is very important to interact and communicate with others to understand things better. Offline classes give the proper chance of interaction to students.

  • Personal attention from teachers

In offline classes, teachers and students can interact better with each other. The teachers can give personal attention to every student. It is helpful for students to understand the topics in more detail and get their doubts solved.

  • More focus

Many studies have shown that students are found to be more focused on their studies in the environment of school and colleges. Environment plays a major role in the concentration and focus of the students. Online classes in lockdown provide the liberty to students for attending classes from their own space which certainly reduces their focus and concentration.

Cons of online classes

Along with various pros, there are also various cons and disadvantages of online classes in lockdown. Various concerns have been raised after the growing dynamics of online classes in lockdown. Let’s see what are the disadvantages of online classes;

  • Lack of equal attention

During online classes in lockdown, the teachers are unable to pay equal attention to all of their students. Online classes make the whole teaching process clumsy and hassle.

  • Less interaction

Online classes in lockdown have been a great reason behind the lack of development of communication skills in students. Without interaction and communication, students are not able to develop other social skills like empathy.

  • Less focus

As we have already mentioned the importance of the environment for maintaining good concentration during studies, we would like to emphasize the fact that students are less focused when they study in online classes.

Cons of offline classes

Now let’s see the disadvantages of offline classes;

  • Wastage of time

Students need to travel long distances sometimes to reach their colleges or schools. This causes a lot of wastage of time for them. This is avoidable completely during online classes in lockdown.

  • Wastage of resources

In offline mode, a lot of additional resources are required to conduct the classes. These can be saved through online classes.

In this blog, we have discussed every possible pro and con of online classes and offline classes. You can make the decision yourself which mode of education is better. Right now, we only have the option for online classes.

Online classes in lockdown have provided the way to cope up with the pandemic and still get the work done. Though still, people are waiting to resume their offline classes as the situation gets normal.

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