Career opportunities after BA

Career opportunities after BA

Pursuing additional education is one of the safest and preferable job alternatives for most students after completing a BA program.

Following are a few alternatives to explore as a career path after completing a BA in academics.


To this day, Indian families urge their children to pursue MA/ MCom/ MSc degrees since they provide a student with not just a greater understanding of the topic but also a haven.

MA degrees are also crucial for those who intend to pursue a career in academics in the future.


After completing your BA, you can pursue a career as a schoolteacher. However, a formal education, known as a BEd, is necessary to become a teacher.

Bachelor of Education, or BEd, is a professional course that is necessary for those who choose to pursue the noble profession of teaching. A BEd is a two-year program that can be completed full-time or via distance education.


MBA is one of the most popular professional degrees among students.

The best part is that you may study MBA even if you have a bachelor’s degree in English, Economics, or another field. All you have to do is pass the CAT (often referred to as the “admission exam”).

Digital marketing

Businesses are increasingly turning to digital marketing for development and income as digitalization advances.

Naturally, this has resulted in a larger need for digital marketers than previously. If you want to pursue digital marketing as a career, you may enroll full-time or take an online course through Coursera, Udemy, or other similar sites.

Examinations for government jobs/competitive exams

When it comes to choosing a career, many Indians choose stability and employment security. As a result, government employees are the greatest option after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Bank PO

If you want to work in banking, Bank PO is the best option among government occupations after BA.

To become a bank PO, however, you must pass the SBI, IBPS, and other relevant competitive examinations. A Bank PO’s pay starts at approximately 2.45 LPA on average, according to leveraged.

Government Services

Almost every Indian’s goal and ambitions are now realized (including parents).

After BA, B.Com, and B.Sc, the Civil Services Services Examination, or UPSC, is the most sought-after government position (IAS, IFS, Indian Revenue Service, etc).


The University Grants Commission (UGC) organizes the National Eligibility Test (NET) to choose applicants for higher studies such as a Ph.D. or even a professorship at a college or university.

This is an essential job choice for BA graduates who want to make a name for themselves in academia.

Job Opportunities for BA freshers

This area is now mostly for people searching for work after completing their BA. Here are a few job possibilities to consider following your BA.

Content writer

For organizations wanting to grow their digital presence, content has become one of the most important aspects. Companies nowadays require a well-equipped content staff to assist them in expanding their organization.

This is one of the reasons why businesses hire freelance content writers, making it an excellent post-job bachelor’s choice. A content writer, on the other hand, must be familiar with SEO, Google Analytics, and other related topics.

According to PayScale, a content writer’s beginning pay in India is about 2.8LPA, however, this might vary depending on the employer.


BPO is a fast expanding sector that is always looking for people with strong communication skills, data conversion knowledge, telemarketing expertise, and so on.

You can begin as a customer service executive, process executive, or other similar position as a BA fresher and work your way up according to your desired field. So, if you have strong communication abilities, you might want to look at the BPO sector’s job openings.

According to PayScale’s statistics, the beginning pay in BPOs in India is around 2.8 LPA.


Blogging has become a professional career choice as internet platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and others have grown in popularity. This is a wonderful job choice after BA if you have good narrative abilities or a talent you want to share with the world via blogs/vlogs.

However, if you want to establish a brand in the blogging industry, make sure your material has a Unique Selling Point (USP). You don’t want to follow in the footsteps of other artists, therefore take a stand. That’s how you’ll be able to make interesting blogs and vlogs.


Advertising has been a part of our lives for decades, and the most fascinating aspect is how it has evolved. Advertising is all about presenting a product to people in such a way that their buying instincts are triggered.

If you are a strong communicator, creative, fast thinker, and exceptional at creating connections, it is an interesting subject to explore as a career choice after your BA.

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