Diploma courses vs Bachelor courses

Diploma courses vs Bachelor courses
In today’s dynamic world, employment is a much-needed necessity. Industries are demanding skilled workers and employees that can be proven as assets and can add value to the company’s growth. Education is very important to get a good job. Today’s youth is continuously focusing on developing their skills and gathering knowledge. Pursuing a diploma course or bachelor’s course in India is the way of enhancing and getting new knowledge.
Diploma courses and bachelor courses in India are two ways of accumulating knowledge and securing a job, but these two are quite different from each other. Students do not have enough information regarding both. Today, we will help you to understand the detailed difference between diploma courses and bachelor courses in India.
What is a bachelor’s course?
A bachelor’s course is a study program done from a college or university. These colleges and universities must be affiliated with AICTE or UGC to offer bachelor’s degree programs to the students. It can range from 3 to 5 years in India depending on the type of course. Bachelor courses are done after completing school. Different bachelor’s courses in India have different subject requirements along with various specializations. Like MBBS needs biology and it is a 5 years long bachelor program to become a doctor. To take admission to MBBS college you need to pass a national level exam named NEET. B.tech is 4 years long program which requires maths and science as its main subjects. This bachelor course helps in pursuing a career in technology and engineering. For taking admission to B.tech courses of IIT, you need to sit for JEE exams.
Similarly, there are other bachelor courses in India like B.comm which requires commerce as its main subject. BBA is a bachelor’s course for studying business administration and it is also a 3-year long course. Bachelors of Science, bachelors of arts, etc. are also some other bachelor courses in India that allow students to get the main knowledge of the field.
What is a diploma course?
Diploma courses are vocational courses that are designed to directly push start a student’s career. Diploma course’s main purpose is to teach commercialized skills to the students and help them securing jobs and making a career.
The diploma course is mainly a short program usually ranging from few months to 1-2 years. it focuses mainly on training and skills in a particular field. A diploma can be offered by an affiliated educational institute, a polytechnic, or a university. To offer a diploma course for the students, the colleges and universities don’t need to be UGC or AICTE approved.
Diploma courses provide the main focus on industry training and making the student’s job-ready. Many specializations are available for students to pursue in this field like in food business, event management, computer training, hospitality, designing, etc. Many students opt for diplomas to enhance their skills. Due to being a short period course, diploma courses don’t focus on details and deep insight.
Scope after Bachelor courses
After completing your degree, you are present with mainly three options. One can be to pursue higher educations or you can opt for getting a job placement or you can start your venture as well. After a bachelor’s degree, students can pursue a Master’s degree. Like after B.tech, students can opt for M.tech. Similarly, after completing their BBA students can opt for MBA.
Scope after Diploma courses
After completing your diploma course you can either go for a job or you can go for a degree course. Finding a job after your diploma is easier but it doesn’t always promise a good career path as a diploma is a short course. That’s why it becomes quite important to pursue a basic degree program. In some colleges, students who have done a diploma course can also take admission directly in the second year.
Basic differences between a diploma degree and a bachelors course in India
Both courses are quite different from each other. In the above portion of the blog, we discussed and understood the difference and studied diploma courses and bachelor courses in India. Now here, we will focus on the basic differences between diploma courses and bachelor courses.
• A bachelor course is a long study program while a diploma course is a short-term study program.
• Only a university can offer a bachelor’s course, but a diploma course can be offered by any institution, polytechnic, or university.
• A diploma course is mainly focused on professional and vocational skills while a bachelor course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of a field.
• A student who has done a bachelor course is more preferred than a student who has only done a diploma course in the same field.
In India, there are various institutions including IIMs which provide diploma courses for the students. The main career prospect after a diploma course and bachelor course in India depends upon the student and his or her skills.

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