Everything you need to know about Engineering

Everything you need to know about engineering

Engineering allows you to work in the field of technology and science. It provides opportunities for innovation and inventions. The engineering field allows us to find creative solutions for the existing problems of the real world.

Engineering provides a wide range of scope and career opportunities. Any person who is interested in making a career in the technology domain should choose the engineering field. Many students take admission in engineering every year. There are various specializations under the term of ‘engineering’ that students can pursue.

Choosing the engineering field for building your career is a wonderful choice. But when you decide to pursue engineering as your career, various factors come into play. To head start your career in the engineering field, focus on choosing the right college to pursue your graduate degree. Developing your skills is also very important to get success in the engineering field.

Various specializations in engineering studies

To follow your dream in the engineering field, there are various specializations to choose from. You can also take basic engineering coursework, which allows you to clear your mind about choosing the right specializations for you.

Various specializations provide in-depth knowledge of particular skills required in the domain to build your career. You can choose among;

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Computer science
  • Environmental engineering
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Oceanic engineering

There are also other specializations that you choose to study in the engineering field according to your interest and passion. The most industry in-demand specializations are computer science and electronics.

Colleges to pursue engineering

If you want to pursue your UG degree in engineering in India then, IIT is the most famous and reputed institution for it. You can choose to pursue B.tech in IIT in various specializations. For taking admission to an IIT institute, you need to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advance exams. These exams need proper preparation along with hard work.

There are also other colleges like BITS, NIT, IIIT, etc. where you can pursue your B.tech degree and get good packages.

Skills to be a successful engineer

To master a career in the engineering field, you will need to develop few skills.  These skills will help you to get through all the challenges that you will face in the engineering field along with excelling in your work. A few important skills are;

  • Good mathematics
  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Detail orientation
  • Creativity
  • Team spirit
  • Optimistic behavior

You should be good in mathematics and science because that’s the main essence of the engineering field. It is very important to add detailed orientation behavior in your personality for claiming success in your career. The candidate should be highly analytical and possess good critical thinking skills. Being imaginative and creative is of utmost importance in the engineering field. You will also need to have good communication skills for better networking.

Job opportunities in the engineering field

After completing your engineering degree, you can opt for various job profiles. Engineering is a versatile field that provides various opportunities. You can sit for placement drives in your college if you are interested.

There are various other job profiles available for you in the engineering field like civil engineering technician, aerospace technician, cartographer, biomedical engineer, industrial engineer, marine engineer, environmental engineer, agricultural engineer, safety engineer, etc. It depends on your interest and skills that which job you can do and most importantly want to do.

Petroleum engineer, computer engineer, software developer, UI-UX designer are also the options available for you in the engineering field.

Salary expectations in the engineering field

The salary expectations in the engineering field depend upon the job profile and your skills. It varies according to your experience also. More experience means more value to the growth of the company.

Let’s discuss all the job profiles with high salary offers in the engineering field.

  • Petroleum engineering

This branch has a wide scope to get a high-paying job in the engineering field. This field is regularly expanding because of the increasing demand for crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum engineers are one of the highest-paid job profiles in the engineering field around 4 to 4.5 lakh starting salary.

  • Electrical engineering

It is one of the most in-demand fields in engineering. It revolves around the working and application of electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, etc. The starting salary is around 1 to 3 lakh per year which increases along with the experience.

  • Computer engineering

In this field, computer science and electrical engineering are integrated to work together for further development. IT industry is developing and blooming at a fast rate. The starting salary is around 5 to 15 lakh which goes further up to 40 lakh per year as the experience of a candidate increases.

There are also various other job profiles like an aerospace engineer, chemical engineer, material engineer, etc. which provides a good salary package and growth of career.

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