Has B.pharma good career scope?

Has B.pharma good career scope?
Bachelors of pharmacy involves the study of pharmaceuticals and medicines. The course allows students to pursue their careers further in the medical field. It also cuts down the neck-to-neck competition for medical courses like MBBS and BDS. B.pharmacy scope is wide and fruitful for students who want to work in the medical field. The B.pharma career opportunities are eclectic in the medical field and you can choose among different options according to your will and interest.
Students who are interested in pursuing this course or already pursuing, often wonder about the B.pharma scope. Deciding for your career path is a very important decision of life that should be taken with proper consideration and research. But in India, many students don’t have enough knowledge and information about all the available B.pharma career opportunities. Let’s not worry about it anymore because we have got your back through this article. Here, we will discuss all B.pharmaacy scope and available B.pharma career opportunities.
Pursuing higher studies after a Bachelor of pharmacy is a great option. It enhances the knowledge of a student by providing more in-depth insight into the field. It also improves the resume of a student which can be a great step to land a good job afterward. M.pharma enhances the B.pharma scope for a better job profile. This course provides various specialization options to pursue like pharmaceutics, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, etc.
Masters of Business Administration is a versatile course that you can opt for after your bachelor of pharmacy. It helps to widen the horizons of B.pharma career opportunities. It is a 2-year program allowing students to choose among different specializations to enhance their skills. By this course, you can enter in B.pharmacy scope of the corporate world. MBA from IIMs confirms the security of hefty annual packages for your skills and hard work.
The government sector has a high demand for pharmacists. If you want the security and safety of a fixed salary when applying for government jobs provides wide B.pharmacy scope. For a pharmacist job, a bachelor’s of pharmacy is asked as basic eligibility criteria. The salary for different positions varies from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000. B.pharma career opportunities in the government sector offer a promising career ahead.
Medical underwriting
It is an unheard domain as the B.pharma scope but it a good field to opt after pharmacy. But it is also one of the lowest-paying jobs in this field. This job requires you to write in the medical domain. You can work as medical scribes, medical transcriptor, medical coder, etc. After proper training and experience, the pay scale further increases in the field. If you are interested in writing then, medical underwriting can be a great B.pharma career opportunity for you.
After a bachelor’s of pharmacy, you have the option of starting your medical shop or store under B.pharmacy scope. If you have keen skills to build a business as a pharmacy student then, starting your medical store is a great B.pharma career opportunity for you. additional knowledge of pharmacy will help you to understand the field more.
Quality control and Production
This role requires a candidate who can look after the quality and production process of manufacturing drugs and medicines. Quality control and production manager as a B.pharmacy scope is a great option. You can work as a supervisor, manager, etc. The salary range in this field after a Bachelor of pharmacy increases as the skills get more polished and the candidate gains more experience.
If you are interested in teaching and want to pursue a career further in that line then, opting for a bachelor’s of education is also a path of wide B.pharmacy scope. You can opt for B.ed and apply for teaching jobs either in the government or private sector. You can also pursue further studies after B.Ed to become a lecturer or professor.
Are you interested in pursuing a law career? The switch to the law from the pharmacy is quite unusual but yes if you wish to make your career in law then, your LLB is also a good B.pharma career opportunity. You can further opt for LLM after completing your law degree.
Drug Inspector
This is a great opportunity under B.pharmacy scope for students. It is a job profile presented by the government also. When a drug is presented for public sale, the drug inspector’s role comes into play. Drug inspector mainly works in a manufacturing department and ensure the proper functioning of the system.
Bachelors of pharmacy provides many options for students to pursue further. The B.pharma career opportunities are wide and vast territory which allows you to choose between different options. From government sectors to private sectors you can opt for various positions and job profiles. While deciding to choose a career path among various options be mindful of your interest and skills.

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