How to learn Bollywood Dance?

How to learn Bollywood Dance?

What is Dance?

Dance is the soul’s language. It enables for emotional and creative expression. It is a worldwide language that connects individuals from all walks of life.

When the music starts playing and the beat is appropriate, feet begin tapping instinctively, as if it were an automatic reaction. Dancing, according to evolution, was a method for our prehistoric ancestors to unite and communicate, especially during difficult times. As a result, dancing comes easily to us.

What is Bollywood?

The word Bollywood was coined by merging the names of Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood. In terms of both the number of films made and the number of tickets sold each year, Bollywood, located in Mumbai (Bombay), is India’s – and the world’s – biggest film industry.

Bollywood has grown so popular throughout the world that it now has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary!

What is Bollywood Dance style?

The dancing style utilized in Indian (Hindi) films is known as Bollywood Dance. Bhangra and Garba are two of the most lively and colorful Indian Dance styles (originated in the state of Gujarat, India). They combined with various dancing styles from throughout the world to create the well-known Bollywood Dance. Bollywood dancing is a combination of many different Dance genres.

Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Jazz, Hip-hop, Arabic, and Western Dance are only a few examples. The two essential components of dancing and expressiveness are combined in classical Indian Dance.

How to Learn Bollywood Dance at Home

. Select a style

Begin by selecting whatever Dance style you wish to study.

Before you start, you should definitely decide out what sort of resource you want to use, since this will make finding the finest resources much easier.

. Decide on technique or routine

Decide if you want to learn fundamental technique or a specific Dance. Most dancing genres include basic moves that skilled Dancers repeat to improve their strength, endurance, and ability. Some people who are only learning for enjoyment, on the other hand, may want to learn a certain Dance.

. Find the right video

It’s time to look for a teacher: a video. There is a plethora of excellent videos available from professional Dancers, professors, musicians, and amateurs to assist you in learning to Dance.

. Warm up

It’s critical to warm up before dancing. Jogging in place raises your heart rate and warms your muscles. To relax up, do some stretching exercises like touching your toes and opening your hips. Most dancing forms need some flexibility, so warm up with a few exercises that assist stretch tight muscles before getting started.

. Do the lesson

It’s finally time to Dance! Start moving once you’ve finished watching your video. Keep the remote handy if you’re using a smart TV so you can pause and rewind when you need to see a step again.

Keep your phone or laptop nearby if you’re using it for the same purpose. Don’t be scared to repeat a step or portion several times; certain steps take longer to learn than others.

. Practice

It’s been said that mastering a new talent takes 10,000 hours of practise – don’t give up! To improve your dancing, keep practising with the same video and new videos with different trainers. The more you work at it, the better you’ll get.

Learn Bollywood Dance with a Teacher

  • Finding an Indian choreographer is as simple as asking around at a dancing studio or school.
  • Find a Bollywood teacher by looking through classified advertisements.
  • Through internet ads, you may find a Bollywood teacher.
  • Online Indian Dance lessons are available.
  • Attend an Indian Dance School’s courses.

Indian dancing courses at a Dance school are an excellent method to make rapid progress and master a Dance routine in a few sessions!

There are several sorts of Indian Dance courses to meet everyone’s needs, whether it’s for exercise, a love of music, or a desire to learn. The entire family may enjoy Indian dancing. There are dancing lessons for children and teens, adult Dance classes (couples’ courses), and even senior dancing lessons!

Videos for Learning Indian Dance

Why not use the many internet resources at your disposal to learn Bollywood Dance movements (and online Zumba classes) in this age of the Internet?

Discover the most popular Indian Dance youtubers:

  • RSU Dance Company,
  • Bollywood Dance,
  • Columbia Missouri,
  • Good Indian Girl Videos,
  • Pop Sugar Fitness,
  • Dance with Abby,
  • Devesh Mirchandani,
  • Manpreet Toor,
  • Lasya Dance,
  • Akshay Yogesh Bhosale,
  • Bharat Yoga, etc.

Here are some applications that help you learn to Dance like a local:

  • Indian Classical Dance,
  • Indian Wedding Dance,
  • Indian Dance Choreography,
  • Bollyshake,
  • Bollywood Dance Workout,
  • Kathakali Hindi Dance,
  • India Folk Dance,
  • Bollywood Punjabi,
  • Hindi Dance Tutorials,
  • Bollywood Dance Fitness, etc.

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