How to pursue your dream of becoming a Fashion Designer?

How to pursue your dream of becoming a fashion designer?
Fashion designing is a glamorous career path to opt for. But along with all the glamour and dazzle, it also requires extremely hard work, skills, and efforts. Many students in India want to pursue their careers in fashion designing. If you are also keen on making fashion designing your career then you must know everything about the field and all the ups-downs you will face in your career.
A career in fashion designing is a growing domain in India. As India is on the path of development, the fashion industry is also catching fast pace. Many students in India undergo a similar situation where they don’t have enough information about the field of fashion designing and the career opportunities it provides.
Today, in this blog we are going to talk about building your career in fashion designing after doing intense research in that domain.
Who should pursue a career in fashion designing?
Fashion designing is a fascinating career but it’s not for everyone. This field requires creativity and spontaneity. If you are not creative enough to take charge and create new things then you can’t be a good designer.
For a successful career in fashion designing you must have skills like;
• Creativity
• Spontaneity
• Good taste
• Excellent fashion sense
• perseverance
If you don’t own these skills then, you won’t be able to thrive in the fashion industry for long. But don’t worry even if you think you lack the above-mentioned skills. Because with practice and time you can certainly develop these skills in your work and personality and make a successful career in fashion designing.
Subject for a career in fashion designing
The good news is that there is no particular subject that you need to choose in the 11th and 12th standards for pursuing a career in fashion designing. You can be a science, commerce, or humanities student, and still choose to be a fashion designer. Fashion designing is a very versatile course that you can opt for.
There is no need to study a particular subject but still studying commerce and arts [ drawing] can be helpful for you. if you are planning to start your fashion boutique in the future then, studying commerce can help polish your skills for business.
Studying drawing will be very beneficial for you, as you will need to have good drawing skills to showcase your designs and ideas.
Fashion designing is a fast pacing and dynamic career path. You should work on developing your skills as early as you can. You can start learning sewing and drawing while you are still in your school years.
Graduation in fashion designing
This is the most important step to head start your career in fashion designing. This will help you to take real knowledge and in-depth insight into the fashion designing field. You can choose among various specializations also to prepare your skills industry-ready. Applying to a reputed and well-facilitated fashion school to pursue your graduation is very important. NIFT is considered the most reputed institution of fashion designing in India. There are also other institutions to pursue your career in fashion designing like IIFT, Pearl Institute, etc. You can also choose to appear for UCEED, AIEED, CEED, etc.
When you are in college focus on building a good portfolio along with getting a lot of real-time exposure to the industry. Strongly focus on your skills for the competitive fashion industry.
Various universities provide bachelors of fashion designing courses other than the above-mentioned institutes.
If you are willing to sit for the entrance exams of the above-mentioned colleges then, there are various study materials available for you. You can choose among various options like the NIFT exam guide by Verma, NIFT exam guide by Arihant publications, Popular Master Guide NIFT by R.Gupta, etc.
Other than bachelors of design, you can also apply for courses like bachelors of arts, bachelors of fashion technology, etc. to make your career in fashion designing. For higher studies after your UG degree you can either sit for college placement drives, can start your fashion venture, or can pursue further higher studies.
For higher studies in fashion designing fields, you can opt for courses like the master of arts, master of fashion management, master of design, PG diploma in fashion design, etc. You can also opt for MBA in various specializations.
Career opportunities after fashion designing
The fashion industry in India is thriving and developing. It is a dynamic field. After completing your education in fashion designing you can work as a;
• fashion designer
• textile designer
• retail manager
• fashion coordinator
• fashion stylist
• fashion journalist
• fashion influencer
• sketching assistant
A career in fashion designing is an amazing choice for people who are creative, spontaneous and have a keen eye for fashion. If you also possess the needed skills for being a fashion designer then, you must pursue your career in fashion designing.

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