How to Teach Online and its Advantages?

How to teach online and its advantages?
Everything in the world is heading towards digitalization. Internet is taking roots in every area and education has also not remained untouched from it. covid-19 restrictions have just added more to it. Online teaching has been considered as the only step of coping up with the pandemic.
Many universities and colleges have also started distance learning courses through the online teaching method. As the trend of online teaching has set in, the need for online educators has also increased. In India, there are many apps like unacademy, grade up, etc. which provide online teaching. If you are also interested in teaching then, online teaching can also be a career option for you. Being an online educator has also been adopted by many students as a part-time gig.
Let’s discuss how you can become an online educator. In this blog, we will also discuss the advantages of online teaching later.
How to teach online?
Online teaching can be a very strange phenomenon for you if you are not very tech-savvy. But don’t worry, becoming an online educator is not rocket science. Almost all LMSs [Learning management systems] has very minimal requirements like a laptop, a webcam, and a good wi-fi connection. Initially, you can face technical issues but these can be resolved easily through time.
Now let’s discuss how you can start your online teaching career from scratch. Online educators not just teaching academic courses, but you can share any of your skills through online teaching. If you are a musician, a writer, a graphic designer, etc., you can just start teaching your skills online.
• The first step is to identify your market. If you are a primary online educator then, your target audience would be very different from a college online educator. So plan according to your market. There are various websites like Vedantu, upskill, etc. where you can start your online teaching classes. While choosing a platform for your online classes, be mindful of your target audiences.
• Advertising is very important. Market your business as much as you can but be mindful of the quality. Make your content, the main focus of your marketing campaign. Use social media to increase your reach and for more effective repo creation. As an online educator, digital marketing can be proven as your main asset.
• To get a better idea of the course and your tutelage, students would love the idea of a demo class. This can also ensure the fact that you trust the quality of your content.
• Shifting from offline teaching to online teaching is not an easy task. You will need to alter your old ways of teaching to adapt to this dynamically changing environment. That’s why you can also opt for few outsourcing services initially if needed.
Tips for becoming a good online educator
For becoming a good online educator, along with a top-notch teaching method you will also need increased efficiency. Here, we are sharing few tips to nail your online classes like a pro.
• Make sure to plan your classes beforehand. Online classes are quite different from offline classes. That’s why you are advised to plan a well-laid-out schedule for your classes. Also, share the course and syllabus detail with students in a detailed manner so they will ab able to understand the curriculum.
• You don’t need a technology lab for your online teaching, but do need to make sure that you have a well functioning hardware and software that do not throw glitch during the classes. Understanding the technology can take time initially, but practice and proper research will make it very easy.
• Take your online classes in a setup where there are minimal distractions. Be communicative in your classes and don’t just teach in a monotonous way.
Advantages of online teaching
Online teaching is being seen as the future of the education industry. Online educators have literally been the savior of the education industry during the worldwide pandemic. The various advantages of online teaching are;
• The flexibility of location and time: This has been the biggest benefit. The students can learn from anywhere and anytime. Traditional offline classes are associated with a lot of time waste, many students need to travel far distances to reach their education campus.
• Resources: Offline classes require many resources like a large physical set-up, teaching aids, etc. But online classes save resources. No special classrooms or buildings are required for online teaching. Online educators can teach from anywhere and students can study from the comfort of their homes.
• Diverse teaching opportunities: online teaching provides diverse opportunities for online educators. They can teach on various platforms altogether. Online educators can reach students from various regions and cultures.
Online educators have been playing a major role in stabilizing the education industry in the current scenario. Many experts still waiting for resuming offline classes but there is no denial in the fact that online teaching has been the real knight in shining armor in recent times.

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