Tips to ace your NEET

Tips to ace your NEET

NEET is a national level examination conducted by NTA. For admission in medical courses the candidate must qualify the entrance test. The questions of NEET only come from Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. There are 180 questions from each subject sections that carry 720 marks. The question paper of NEET are intermediate level based therefore revising 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany books that are following CBSE syllabus is a must. The NEET exam also has negative marking. Right technique and approach is very much needed along with hard work because of very high competition.

Before appearing for any competitive exam, the applicants should be aware of the basic details of the examinations.


  1. Familiarity with the syllabus: This must be your first step because NEET syllabus is vast and you need to know the exact location to bring out the best. Mainly focus on important topics first and less important later. It covers NCERT syllabus as well. Plan out each and every topic first in a notebook then proceed accordingly.
  • Make an effective Time table: It helps you to stay focused during the overall preparation journey. Paste it in front of your eyes somewhere. Having well-structured time table will help you to organize your schedule more efficiently. Make sure you follow your time table strictly.
  • Prepare short notes after completing chapter: It is the best way to improvise the memory skills. It means summarizing whole chapter in little part in an efficient way by writing down the important formulas and equations separately. Always try to write it clearly as it will help you during your revision time. You can revise it very easily.
  • Regular study break is must: We require timely rest to get back to work efficiently because we are humans not machines. The long time preparation gives stress to mind and not able to concentrate that much effectively. So take proper rest in between. You can try pomodoro technique as well. It is very effective in learning. Sit for half an hour and then take rest for 10min. Breaks can be in the form of a small nap or short exercises.
  • Proper Revision: Make sure to revise on a regular basis. Revision is crucial for any competitive exam.
  • While revising make sure to focus on important and weak areas.
  • Revise formulas and their derivations.
  • Maintain a healthy Diet: The aspirants must follow a healthy diet to get mental and physical fitness. Eat iron-containing foods to help your brain boost your brain by providing the nutrients it needs.
  • Practicing mock test: You need to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes so mock tests are very helpful in prior assessments. Time management is crucial for any competitive exam. So keep time aspect in your mind and practice mock test regularly.
  • Positive attitude is main thing: If you possess a negative attitude and always say that no I can’t do or it is not possible then it will definitely not work out. Always keep your attitude positive and say yes I can do that and it is possible. You will succeed for sure.

Lastly some of the best ways to prepare for NEET:

Get a diary or daily planner.

Plan accordingly and write everything in that diary.

Set daily task and before sleeping at night daily check did you completed your target for a day or not.

Take care of your health.

Get enough sleep.

         Some common mistakes that you should avoid:

             Not following the time table

               Following too many books.

               Avoiding revision.

               Ignoring NCERT and Subjects.

               Avoid sitting for long hours.

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