What are Black Fungus and its side effects?

What are black fungus and its side effects?

After the severe rise in covid-19 cases in the second wave, a new disease named ‘black fungus’ has also surfaced. The first case of covid-19 disease came from Bihar. Black fungus disease is also known as mucormycosis. This disease is caused by general fungal spores that are normally found everywhere. Mainly this disease is caused due to weak immunity.

Black fungus is a deadly disease and there is not much research done about it, there is still a lack of information regarding this disease. Black fungus has a high mortality rate of 50%, which’s why the Indian government is very concerned about this disease. Speculations are being made that if the black fungus spreads to a large extent then it will be very hazardous for human lives. Covid-19 has already caused a lot of damage to human lives as well as to the economy of the country. Black fungus is non-contagious which means it doesn’t spread from person to person. But still, the risk is huge as the black fungal spores can be found in every corner of our surroundings and can attack you.

People must be aware of this new danger that can take a huge size if not controlled on time like covid-19. Today, we will discuss everything about black fungus, its symptoms, and its preventions.

What is black fungus?

Let’s try to understand what is a black fungus. It is a very rare infection before covid-19. This disease is caused by the mucor of the black fungus. Mainly the black fungus disease is caused due to coming in contact with the mucor mold that develops on food, soil, fruits, plants, etc. This mucor is found everywhere even in the nose and mouth passage of humans. The black fungus affects mainly the sinuses, brain, and lungs of the body. This disease can be life fatal in some cases.

In Mumbai, Simon hospital has surfaced 24 cases of black fungus in the last two months. Before the covid-19 phase, rarely 6 cases were found in a year. In 11 cases, the patients had to close their eyes while 6 of them lost their lives. This scenario is a nightmare in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

In Banglore also, more than 19 cases of black fungus have been found in the last two weeks. Doctors said that a few patients’ conditions were so severe that it was impossible to operate on them.

Black fungus symptoms:

Black fungus symptoms are somewhat similar to covid-19. The black fungus affects mainly intraorbital and intracranial regions of the sinus in the human body. This disease can affect the skin also. The major black fungus symptoms that are being seen in the patients are;

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Inflammation on face and eyes
  • Body swelling
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sinus congestion
  • Body pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding

Patients also develop black lesions on the mouth and nasal linings. There are various body organs that black fungus affects specifically. The black fungus can take forms as; pulmonary mucormycosis, gastrointestinal mucormycosis, etc. Due to covid-19, the diagnosis of black fungus has become quite difficult.

Who is more prone to black fungus?

The question arises why suddenly such rare infection is spreading severely during covid-19. Black fungus is attacking people with low immunity. Let’s see who is more prone to the attack of black fungus in the present scenario.

  • People with low immunity
  • Patients suffering from Covid-19
  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients undergoing high steroid treatment
  • Patients undergoing immunosuppressive treatment

We have already discussed that black fungus affects people with low immunity most, and covid-19 affects the patient’s immunity very much. The people suffering from covid-19 suffer from weakened immunity. Diabetes and unbalanced sugar levels also reduce the immunity of a person. If a diabetic patient is suffering from covid-19 then, he or she is at most risk from black fungus. Steroids are used as anti-inflammatory drugs but these also make a person more prone to black fungus.

Till now, doctors are treating black fungus symptoms with antifungal drugs. Ampho-B is the main anti-fungal drug that is incorporated in the treatment of black fungus. With increasing covid-19 cases, the healthcare infrastructure has been in a very critical situation. The shortage of anti-fungal drugs has also been depicted.

What you should do?

Right now, the scenario is already very grim due to the second wave of covid-19. Doctors and frontline workers are also struggling, and trying their best to win this battle against covid-19. Black fungus is not a very common or researched topic. That’s why doctors are also in dilemma regarding black fungus and its increasing cases. That’s why it is very important that natives should be aware of this disease and should take all possible precautions. Maintaining personal hygiene is very important as a preventive measure against black fungus. Wearing masks and washing hands is also very essential.

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