What courses after the 12th?

What courses after the 12th?
Are you also stressed about your career after the 12th? 90% of the students are mostly confused about what to do after the 12th standard. Many students find themselves in the dilemma that what courses after 12th, they should choose. After all, this decision will impact their life and career forever. That’s why it is very important to choose the right course after 12th which matches with the interest and passion of the student along with providing a secure future.
Many students in India face this dilemma and often end up choosing a course after the 12th that their friends are choosing or their families are advising which is not always in the best interest of a student’s career. The main reason behind such mishaps is the lack of proper information and understanding regarding different career paths and courses. But such an important decision of life should be taken wisely to prevent any ramifications regarding a student’s career. If you are also facing the dilemma that what courses after 12th would be in your best interest then, fortunately, you have ended in the right place. We have done intense research to present you with all the possible options to opt for courses after the 12th.
Courses after 12th Science
If you are from the science stream then there are plenty of options for you that you can choose to make a successful career and touch the heights. Choosing courses after 12th science, the main factor which plays a very important role in whether you are from the biology stream or the maths stream. We have divided these to provide you a better understanding that what courses after the 12th, are available for you to pursue.
Courses after 12th Science, Biology
There is a wide range of courses after 12th Science, Biology that a student can choose from, according to his or her best interests. The question, ‘what courses after 12th’ has a diverse answer for science students.
If you have dreamt of becoming a doctor then, MBBS is the option for you. You can opt for MBBS medical colleges by clearing the national-level exam named NEET. It is considered as one of the most reputed courses after 12th Science, Biology.
• B.Pharmacy
This stands for Bachelor of Pharma. After this course, you can work in the pharmaceutical field.
• B.Sc
Bachelor of Science provides you to pursue a science stream along with various other career paths. You can also choose various specialization under this course after 12th Science.
• BDS [Bachelor of Dental Surgery]
This course after 12th Science, Biology is also a very good option. You can work in the medical field as a dentist.
• Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Nursing
These courses allow you to become a physiotherapist and work in the medical field.
• B.A.M.S [Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery]
This course allows students to learn about our ancient as well as modern Ayurveda. You can work in the medical field further after this course.
• B.A.
Bachelor of Arts allows you to follow various career paths along with teaching and civil services.
Bachelor of business administration allows you to learn about management and business. You can also opt for another commercialized management course after the 12th.
If you are interested in computer and technology then, a bachelor of computer application is a good option for you.
• Bachelor of Design and architecture
Under this course after 12th, you can opt for various specializations like fashion design, interior design, architecture, etc.
Courses after 12th Science, Maths
Maths or more commonly known as PCM provide various opportunities for you to make a successful and wealthy career. There are plenty of available courses after 12th Science, Maths that can go along with your interest and passion.
• B.tech
Bachelor of technology or engineering is among the most famous courses after 12th Science for students. You can take admission in reputed colleges of IIT and Nit after clearing JEE exam.
• B.architecture
This course allows you to learn and architecture and building. This can be opted by any science student.
Another alternative for B.tech can be BCA where you can get in-depth knowledge of computers and technology.
• B.Sc
This is also one of the famous courses after 12th. You can choose your interest among various specializations like Nautical Science and Statistics.
Bachelor’s Program of Economics helps you to get a deep insight into economy and finance.
Management programs can be pursued by maths students as well. BBA along with MBA provides a great career opportunity ahead.
• Integrated M.Sc
You can also opt for integrated programs where you can save one year for completing your bachelor’s and master’s.
Courses after 12th Humanities
Students from Humanities have a diverse range of available courses after 12th though they don’t opt for certain courses that Science students can. Let’s discuss all the available range of courses after 12th for humanities students.
• BA
The humanities students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts with various specializations like sociology, psychology, journalism, mass communication, hotel management, tourism, etc.
• BFA [Bachelor of Fine Arts]
This course involves working on creativity and graphic designing.
You can pursue this course after 12th in various specializations like animation, textile, etc.
• B.Sc [ in hospitality, design, and travel]
Arts students can also opt for a bachelor of science in certain specializations.

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