Which is the best degree to pursue along with CA?

Which is the best degree to pursue along with CA?

CA is one of the most reputed, tough, and honored degrees. Students in a number of lakhs every year opt for CA preparation. You can get a nice job with a good salary package along with this degree and your skills. But still, it is better to prepare yourself for this era of tough competition. So keeping your resume updated and skills renovated can be a good option for you. For this purpose, getting a bachelor’s degree comes forward as a good option. Now when students decide to pursue a degree along with their CA preparation then they often face the dilemma to choose the best degree with CA preparation. That’s why today we are hereafter doing detailed research on the options available for you for choosing the best degree with CA preparation.

Best degree with CA preparation

Any aspirant can appear for CA just after completing his or her 12th standard. So there is no obligation for pursuing a bachelor’s degree. But still, it is advisable to pursue a degree along with CA preparation because it gives more gravity to the resume of a candidate.

But it is also a point to keep in mind that an additional degree should not interfere with your main CA preparation. So before you decide your best degree with CA preparation, keep in mind that it should benefit you in your main preparation as well as should enhance your skills.

Here is the list of best degrees to pursue with your CA preparation;

  • B.comm

It is the mainstream bachelor’s course for any commerce student.  During 11th and 12th it helps in building a good base for the students. The student must understand the basics of these subjects. There are many colleges from where you can opt for a B.comm degree. There are a few colleges that let you pursue you’re your degree without asking for attendance. B.comm can be said as a must-have degree during or even after your CA preparation. Because of the similarities of the subjects, B.comm adds more value to your CA preparation. You don’t have to study any additional materials for both of these. With all these advantages, among all other bachelor’s degrees to pursue with CA preparation, it becomes the best degree with CA preparation.

  • BBA

Bachelors of Business Administration also revolves around finance, economy, and statistics. All these domains also play a very important role in CA preparation as well. For CA aspirants, BBA becomes one of the best degrees with CA preparation for aspirants. Also, it is said that many CA aspirants lack the skills of presentation and management and this course helps building those skills.

  • MBA

You can’t pursue any master’s degree just after your 12th. It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree for pursuing a master’s degree. But after completing your CA you can opt for this program as well. In today’s fast pacing world the MBA is one of the most dynamic degrees. If added with CA preparation, the MBA degree is a total industry in-demand combination. That’s why MBA is considered the best degree with CA preparation to pursue any aspirant. You can also choose from various specializations.

  • BA

Bachelor of Arts can also be pursued along with CA preparation. If you are interested in literature then BA is the best degree with CA preparation. BA with English honors can also help develop your language skills. English is a basic necessity in today’s world. So uplifting your English skills along with your CA preparation can be a great option for you. BA is also one of the best degrees with CA preparation for aspirants to pursue.

  • LLB

This degree is also one of the best degrees with CA preparation to pursue aspirants. CA also needs to be updated with all the new guidelines of the government, tax amendments, and law developments. That’s why understanding and having a keen knowledge of the law is also a good option, for this you can take LLB as one of the best degrees with CA preparation. But this degree is also a master’s degree which asks for graduation. So you can pursue it after completing your CA.

There are various options that you can choose to after or along with your CA preparation. After all the research, the MBA is the best degree with CA preparation for building yourself for the high-paced and competition-filled industry. B.comm is also a good option because it provides detailed insights into all the similar subjects that you need to prepare for your CA exam. For choosing the best option among all possible degrees to pursue with your CA preparation, be mindful of the subjects and the syllabus of the CA exam.

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